Thursday, May 7, 2009

Artweek 09

Starting tomorrow, it's Artweek '09 in Little Rock and North Little Rock. I am having Hypertufa classes on Friday, May 15th and another on Saturday, May 16th. I have a few openings available in each class. You can sign up by calling me or use the info on my website.

Hypertufa is a fake rock you can make with natural ingredients from your local big box home improvement store. It is water permeable, lite-weight, and fun to make.

Come play in the mud!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Oh boy! First post on my new blog!

Well, this is too weird. I’m bloggin! I swore I wouldn’t do this but here I am. Ironically I’m excited. Many of my students have asked for this…. So here y’all go. Perhaps this blog will enable me to reach a few more new friends, too.

I’m feeling so technical and all. …If you found me through this blog, be sure and check out my website…

Hate to sound like a kid, but I’m proud of my website. I did it all by myself! Who says you can’t teach an old broad new tricks?

I’ll be blogging about mosaics, hypertufa, recycling to create fun garden art, our community garden, (the Argenta Community Garden) sharing recipes, sharing craft ideas, and changing directions in mid-life. Perhaps I should say, post-menopausal life, but mid-life sounds a tad better.

I have quite a few interesting projects I’m working on and I’m teaching Hypertufa classes all summer. And there are a couple of mosaic classes this year at Garvan Woodland Gardens. More info is available on my website. I’m also about to undertake a great garden makeover, so there will be lots of fun (and I’m sure funny) things to share. I also have a lot of questions, so I hope others will join into these discussions. Don’t make me talk to myself here, too. I do that enough here at home, alone.

One project that I will throw at y’all is this…..

We want to build a studio. (For mememememe) We have an old concrete slab from a building long ago, in our backyard. It’s about 20’x17’. Perfect size. But we want to do it out of completely recycled materials. We have windows (lots of windows). I want lots of natural light. We are open to suggestions for used wood for framing and ideas for the roof. I would love to hear from folks. All ideas will be appreciated.

So for my first post, I leave y’all with a picture of my art. His name is “Treasure.” He stands proudly in one of my flower gardens. He’s made of my grandbaby’s rocking horse and my mom’s old jewelry. I finished Treasure about 3 months before my mom died. She told me (when I put him in the garden) that now she would be with me forever. She was right.

I love to make these carrousel horses. I also have 2 horses that have been in the Christmas lights display at Garvan Woodland Gardens. Anybody want one? I have an old rocking horse here, now, that is begging to have old dishes glued to his behind!