Monday, December 14, 2009

Whew! Holiday whirlwind going on....

I’ve been at Starving Artists Café for the last 3 Saturdays and several evenings over the last month. Too fun! I’ve made a bunch of sales and I’ve eaten some wonderful dishes. Jason (the owner/chef) is incredible. I recommend everything on the menu because it’s all great!
Meno-Mamas are a hit! Yea! I love making them and folks really are giggling when they purchase. All that have sold are to be gifts and the buyers seem sure the recipient will appreciate the menopause humor!
I have 2 more shows between now and Christmas, This coming Friday, Dec. 18th, is the Argenta Art Walk on Main Street in downtown North Little Rock. Then Saturday the 19th, is the last day of the Holiday Market at Starving Artists. I also have 4 mosaic pieces being shown at Starving Artists Café. I sure do appreciate those guys. Paula (Jason’s wife and co owner) is a brilliant gal and wonderful author. Mitchell deals with us artists and is so very sweet! I hope to have many years working with these folks. In fact, I’m already planning a fountain/waterfall to make for their patio. Look for it next spring.

I was also excited to learn that my art from my Etsy store has been featured on the award winning Canada blog . I was so very flattered. Fran is an artist and writer so her recognition meant a lot to me.
Now I have to start working on Christmas presents. And it’s less than 2 weeks until Christmas. Whew!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Meno-Mamas are now available.

HappyTurkey Day Leftovers to all!

It's Black Friday and all the youngins' I know (my kids included) are out shopping. There is nothing I want bad enough to fight the crowds. Lots of us older and wiser ones feel that way, but then again we aren't buying "Santa" anymore.

I have now put my Meno-Mamas up on Etsy along with quite a bit of my funky jewelry.

I also wanted to let folks know I will be a Starving Artists Cafe every Saturday between now and Christmas. Starving Artists Cafe is located in the 400 block of Main Street in Downtown North Little Rock's Argenta Historic District. Come by and have a wonderful lunch and check out my work, along with 9 other artists. Talk about a better way to shop! Original art, great food, laid back!

And don't forget to check out my funky jewelry. Using polmer clay and various found objects I have made necklaces, and earrings and sets with both included. I absolutely promise compliments every time you wear these mini works of art.

And let me know if you saw this blog and I will give you a 20% discount on your purchases.
How's that for easy shopping!
By the way...just another recycling diddy...
I'm making Christmas ormanents out of light bulbs. Not your run of the mill kinda ornaments and these little works of art would be great Christmas presents. As soon as I take some pictures , I show ya here. In the meantime, come by Starving Artist Cafe!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

busy! busy! busy!!!

Whew! I have been creating a gillion things! Can't wait to get all my pictures edited and up on my website (and here) for folks to view.

I have started a few new ventures now that my classes are over.

Watch for my MENO-MAMAS! They are precious, if I say so myself. They are little wall hangings of hormonally imbalanced girls with an attitude.

I have also started a line of jewelry. Many years ago I made jewelry and kinda got away from it but now I've brought it back. Handmade beads and pendants and recycled items are combined to make one of a kind necklaces, earrings, and bracklets.

I have also finally got my ETSY store up and running. check out what is for sale here.

Check back often and be sure to let me know if you want a custom order. I have several for Christmas and you can just drop me a line if you have something special in mind.

Monday, July 20, 2009

WHEW! My computer crashed and I have had major geek withdrawal. Now I'm working on a brand new Dell and it is lightning fast! Oh boy! Now I can get back to work. I still have to recover all 10 years from my old computer.

We are about to start building my workshop. I guess I should say, "hubby" is about to start building. I'm the designer...he be the builder. As soon as I figure out my camera and this brand new computer, I'll start posting pictures of our progress. I'm excited and so are a bunch of ladies that want to take mosaics. New studio equals new class space.

Stay tuned.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Don't forget....this coming Friday (June 19th) is Argenta Art Walk. I'm proud to be participating. I'll be doing a presentation Friday Night from 6 to 7 pm at the Argenta branch of the Laman Library on Main Street.

"The Art of Recycling"
This is a fast-paced, powerpoint presentation (tons of great pictures) on utilizing found objects in your garden. I'll talk about Hypertufa, mosaics, and garage sale finds turned into "art." And it's funny! Lord forbid, I stand in front of the room and not tell some funny stories.
Admission is free.
Come on down! Hope to see ya there.
(If you found out about this presentation from this blog, tell me when you get there and I'll give a you a surprise!)

Friday, June 12, 2009

I will be making my debut at the Argenta Arts & Crafts Market, tomorrow, June 13th. Come by and see me if you are around. I'll be there from 7 am to noon.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Artweek 09

Starting tomorrow, it's Artweek '09 in Little Rock and North Little Rock. I am having Hypertufa classes on Friday, May 15th and another on Saturday, May 16th. I have a few openings available in each class. You can sign up by calling me or use the info on my website.

Hypertufa is a fake rock you can make with natural ingredients from your local big box home improvement store. It is water permeable, lite-weight, and fun to make.

Come play in the mud!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Oh boy! First post on my new blog!

Well, this is too weird. I’m bloggin! I swore I wouldn’t do this but here I am. Ironically I’m excited. Many of my students have asked for this…. So here y’all go. Perhaps this blog will enable me to reach a few more new friends, too.

I’m feeling so technical and all. …If you found me through this blog, be sure and check out my website…

Hate to sound like a kid, but I’m proud of my website. I did it all by myself! Who says you can’t teach an old broad new tricks?

I’ll be blogging about mosaics, hypertufa, recycling to create fun garden art, our community garden, (the Argenta Community Garden) sharing recipes, sharing craft ideas, and changing directions in mid-life. Perhaps I should say, post-menopausal life, but mid-life sounds a tad better.

I have quite a few interesting projects I’m working on and I’m teaching Hypertufa classes all summer. And there are a couple of mosaic classes this year at Garvan Woodland Gardens. More info is available on my website. I’m also about to undertake a great garden makeover, so there will be lots of fun (and I’m sure funny) things to share. I also have a lot of questions, so I hope others will join into these discussions. Don’t make me talk to myself here, too. I do that enough here at home, alone.

One project that I will throw at y’all is this…..

We want to build a studio. (For mememememe) We have an old concrete slab from a building long ago, in our backyard. It’s about 20’x17’. Perfect size. But we want to do it out of completely recycled materials. We have windows (lots of windows). I want lots of natural light. We are open to suggestions for used wood for framing and ideas for the roof. I would love to hear from folks. All ideas will be appreciated.

So for my first post, I leave y’all with a picture of my art. His name is “Treasure.” He stands proudly in one of my flower gardens. He’s made of my grandbaby’s rocking horse and my mom’s old jewelry. I finished Treasure about 3 months before my mom died. She told me (when I put him in the garden) that now she would be with me forever. She was right.

I love to make these carrousel horses. I also have 2 horses that have been in the Christmas lights display at Garvan Woodland Gardens. Anybody want one? I have an old rocking horse here, now, that is begging to have old dishes glued to his behind!