Monday, March 1, 2010

Today I'm suffering from PES! If you don't know what that's "Post Event Syndrome." A common occurrence after a major show. (a sign of age??? surely not!...I say with a grin) And the Arkansas Flower and Garden Show was a HUGE success. Beautiful weather and folks with spring fever gave way to a heck of a crowd at the show. I sold 20 art pieces (when ya see something dissappear from my Etsy Store it's cause it sold elsewhere) and handed out over 300 class schedules and registration forms. Reservations for classes were on my voice mail before the show was even over. So if you want to take a class, make your reservations as soon as you can to ensure the date(s) you want.

Class info is available on my website....

My wonderful Hubs is about halfway through with my studio in our backyard. We've used an old glass top from a patio table for a skylight. All 9 of our windows are recycled from a house in the neighborhood. We continue to pick up odds and ends from the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store just a few miles from our home. Old set pieces, from the Arkansas Arts Center Children's Theater are being added for indoor work surfaces and storage. Hubs found a really cool old craftsman door from a salvage place that he's going to convert to a dutch door. Yep. It's really going to happen! I'm gonna have my own art studio...someday. Of course, it's been a tad tight (can we say it's the economy, stupid?) but we are optimistic that this summer will be a successful one. Especially after such incredible response at this weekend's Garden Show!

With that being said, perhaps you'd like to help?

Perhaps you need a wonderful present that is Arkansas / American made?

Perhaps you'd like to expand your own creative horizons? Did I mention my classes are forming?

Perhaps you have a fun group that needs a little humorous motivation?

Perhaps you can't make it to North Little Rock for a class and you are ready to get outside and create some fun garden art?

Spring is almost here! Help yourself and it helps Hubs build my studio. It's a win-win-win!

(We will now return to regular programming..... the Queen has finished today's commercial!)

You see...that's a sure sign of PES...I can't shut up!

I also want to say a HUGE thanks to MaGo, Corrie, and of course, Hubs! I couldn't do these huge shows without 'em!

I gotta go now 'cause I have to unpack crates from the show and clean up my little in-home gallery. Some ladies are coming by this afternoon to purchase a few items they didn't want to carry around at the Garden Show!

We'll talk soon, y'all!

Kandy, the Garage Sale Queen

Coming this week..... Your first, in a long series, of DIY garden projects.....

Gazing ball using a bowling ball and found objects! Your backyard will look like a disco before you know it!

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